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Being a Witch is not about being bad.  It is about accepting your TRUE self.  It's living in a way where you are the best version of yourself.  Not to spite others.  But,  in spite of others.

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The biggest thing to get through when you decide on the craft lifestyle is where to start.  What should you buy?  Where should you get it from?  

A Little Witchy... on a Budget: Etsy shops that provide great products.. great prices for new witch

I love being a witch. I love perfecting my craft. The hardest thing to get started, right?

Your craft is your own. Don't forget that. I have read many books. I have researched other practitioners. It is important that you find your way of doing things, though.

There is no right way for every witch. Study your craft and be good at it. The goal of this blog is to guide you to safe options in building your space and tools for your craft. Getting your purchase right the first time will speed up your process. No need to waste your time and your money.


I am a eclectic witch who has a specialty in kitchen witchery, garden witchery, candles, herbs and crystals.

For today, though, I will focus on exceptional stores that I have found on Etsy.

Etsy is my favorite platform for witchy things. Spiritual workers run through there, so the care put into the products is above average.


Making potions and oils is a huge part of my craft. I will give you my go-to over all store..witch...... I am saving for last.


For new witches especially, this seller has an AWESOME crystal set perfect for you. When I received it, I opened the box and felt the sellers intentions on the crystals. Super fast shipping.

My set looked almost exactly like this. My pendulum is multi-colored...which for me is perfect. I feel the seller uses intuition when sending pieces. Great set to start off your altar with.

She charges $18.00...which is well worth the price.

She has some great products in her store. Super friendly. I will do lots of business with her.



If you are into herbs like I am, you need a lot of them to practice and make potions/ and oils. Herbs can get pretty expensive.

This seller I recommend has one of the most reasonable priced herb sets on Etsy. Her selection is nice. She has a list of what she offers, however, you will have to research there uses.

The variety and great quality makes it worth the research........witch..... you should being doing anyway....because you are a witch...and you study your craft..right?

Anyway...for me it is convenient because she is in Texas, where I live.

Store Name: OvaykiCauldron


So this next seller is, actually, on Ebay. I just can't go without mentioning them because I stocked my first herb set through them and it was always shipped quickly and the herb selection is so broad.


It is a great way for new witches to stock your cabinet and get started casting your spells and strengthening your craft. She also gives you a list of uses of the herbs. So, that makes it easier for you to pick the herbs that will be best for whatever you are focusing on in your practice. It is also a great way to restock herbs you are missing. Fast shipping. Great store to shop with.

Her variety is insane...really.

Store Name: Tricity's Essentials


Next, I found a herb specialist that I am in love with. This seller will probably appeal to more seasoned witches....unless you just love working with flower herbs.

This store had me at their lavender. I use lots of lavender in my craft and read the great reviews on this store. They did not disappoint!

The smell touched my soul...REALLY.

The 4 oz is $12.95. That is a great price for the quality of flower you receive. I will buy lavender from them from now on.

NO JOKE.... The best smelling lavender I have ever encountered.

Once I got a whiff of the lavender, I ordered hibiscus and yarrow flower right away. I will update this entry when I receive those. I'm excited. If they are half as good as the lavender, I will be happy.

Store Name: Grassroots Herb Supply


Last but surely not favorite go-to all around witchy store....

drumroll please......

The World Incense Store is my absolute favorite store on Etsy for witchy things. I have gotten:

I have bought more.... but lets move get it, right?

The owner is SUPER SWEET and has the best open communication. I also realized that I had been purchasing from both his store on Ebay and Etsy.

Everything I receive from this store comes quickly, and is always nice quality

For everyday witchy needs, this is the store I will got to before all others.

Store Name: Worldincensestore


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