A Little Witchy Tip: What Crystal is good for protection?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Everyone who works with crystals is very aware of the best uses.

  • BLACK TOURMALINE: A unique mineral that appeals to both scientific and metaphysical communities. Believed to be one of the most powerful protective and cleansing stones in existence, it is an excellent tool to use during any part of your spiritual journey. The birthstone for people who are born in October, this dark and mysterious stone has an interesting structure that makes it unique for collectors!

  • METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: While Black Tourmaline is of interest to the scientific community, it is held in especially high esteem by the metaphysical community. Many people believe that it is a powerful bodyguard that protects one against all types of negative energy. It is also believed to be an incredibly powerful stone for grounding and that it helps form strong connections between the human spirit and the earth. It balances and protects all of the chakras.

  • DECORATIVE BENEFITS: Whether placed around your home or carried with you, this stone is a must-have for any collector or Crystal healing enthusiast. You can also place pieces of it above the doors and windows of your home to help prevent negative energies from entering. It’s a highly protective stone that blocks negativity and cleanses dense energy.

  • USES: Few semiprecious gemstones have the beauty and power of Black Tourmaline. It remains a popular stone among those who practice stillness and meditation, and spiritual work including crystal healing, reiki, and chakra restoration and re-balancing. It is a beautiful stone that is great for manually working through cabbing and tumbling, and it is perfect for creating jewelry, ornaments, gifts, and home decor.

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