Smudging 101: How to smudge your home and energy.

So, many questions get asked about Sage and Smudging. Here are a few tips to help you Smudge properly!!!

  • If your sage bundle is tightly wrapped:

  • Untie it a little bit and pull it apart for much easier burning.

  • If you sage bundle is a little loosely wrapped:

  • Do not untie or pull apart the bundle - it should burn just fine after it has a good ember.

  • If you only want to burn a little bit at a time, break off a few chunks and burn them inside your Abalone shell or smudge bowl.

  • Be careful & use caution - Always open a window (at least a little bit) to make sure smoke doesn't build up to much.

  • Never run water on to your sage, unless it is an emergency (please use caution). To put out your Sage, you can rub the embers out in your shell/bowl or simply let the embers burn out on their own within a couple of minutes.

  • Make sure there is no moving air in the area, otherwise it will will keep the embers going.


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