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The biggest thing to get through when you decide on the craft lifestyle is where to start.  What should you buy?  Where should you get it from?  

A Little Witchy Review: Copper Cup

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I know finding a healthy drink can be challenging. When I first started, finding healthy alternatives can be choosing the difference between what tastes good and what you can tolerate. It is sad but true.

When I first tried this product, I used water. I hated it, honestly. I assumed it was the same as the teas I have been drinking. I then actually read the directions and changed the base. It was a whole different experience. It is also better than tolerating the taste. It became a great drinking experience. That makes this, even more, a pleasure to review and recommend Copper Cup as a great company to find nutritional caffeine-free drinks.



Turmeric is not the best-tasting thing for a drink, for sure. Copper Cup has found a great way to find way to drink it and enjoy it. Making the mistake of mixing it with water took that experience away. I changed the base to almond milk as directed was a huge difference. I had it warm and over ice. You can actually feel the absorption. Listening to your body is a great thing. My body needed and liked this drink. I can drink this regularly.

Great for all seasons because of the ability to be good hot or cold, having the Tumeric Latte Mix in your nutritional routine is a huge asset.




Again, Copper Cup has found a way to take something that is good for you that doesn't taste good and turned it into something that is a tasteful experience. Who likes beets, right? Only a few people love the taste of dirt. Red Latte Mix made beets into a spicy, chai-like drink that goes great with almond milk... cold or hot.



This one makes everyone think it is matcha, but it is not. This is a super enriched drink full of so many things that are good for you. So, you can pretend it is matcha and drink it with the knowledge that you are doing your body right! I did the same as the others on this. Hot, cold with almond milk. This is not a spicy one, though. Copper Cup made this nutritional drink feel like a coffee drink. Bravo. Supergreen Latte Mix is a plus for your daily nutritional routine!


Great things about Copper Tea:

  • Great caffeine-free drinks that are good for you

  • great selection for spicy drink lovers

  • Price is great for the quality you receive

  • Instructions are written clearly on the package

This company changed my mind about drinking nutritional alternatives. I changed my lifestyle recently and Copper Tea is now a big part of that journey. Thank you for the opportunity to taste your products. It is a pleasure to do this review and promote your company.


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