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Being a Witch is not about being bad.  It is about accepting your TRUE self.  It's living in a way where you are the best version of yourself.  Not to spite others.  But,  in spite of others.

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The biggest thing to get through when you decide on the craft lifestyle is where to start.  What should you buy?  Where should you get it from?  

Set of 20 Black Mini Ritual Chime/Altar/Spell Candles

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

To perform rituals regularly, you need lots of candles

Get your Mini Black Chime Candles here:

Whether you're creating the atmosphere within your sacred space or home or using them in rituals of candle magic and other spells, prayers, or blessings, these unscented Mini Black Chime Candles are a wonderfully versatile magical tool for your altar.

With over 400 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, it has been agreed that these Mini Black Chime Candles are a great buy. You will find these super convenient for your Candle Spells because they burn quicker than larger candles. So, you can cast your spell and let it burn all the way down to seal your intention.

Get your Mini Black Chime Candles here:

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