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The biggest thing to get through when you decide on the craft lifestyle is where to start.  What should you buy?  Where should you get it from?  

A Little Witchy Review: Tiesta Tea

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Learning about tea and tasting different kinds has become a lifestyle now. So grateful for the fantastic companies that have given me the chance to know more about tea through their eyes. This review is such a pleasure to do. There is always a special thing about each company that makes them unique. Coming from a chef's and herbalist perspective, I found that what makes Tiesta Tea special is the hella fragrance and layered bold flavors that make for a nice rollercoaster in a cup.

The packaging is great. I do love sturdy resealable pouches. What I found super helpful was the very user-friendly instructions on how to brew on the back. This is so great for tea newbies.. What grabs you is actually opening the box. The smells are like :

Tiesta Tea had me at opening the box. I have always loved smells.

I am hooked now.

It's time to talk about tea! If you haven't read my other reviews (which you should. They are delightful...shameless plug) I talk flavors a little. However, I talk more about how tea makes me feel. Tea is an experience. So, I give my experience. Which, I describe where the tea took me visually. Here are my reviews!!



Cocoa Mint Chill tea taught me something. I was glad to leap into different ways of seeing things. Sometimes when you may not like to eat something, you might like it as a drink. In this case, I don't really like chocolate peppermint candy texture. Drinking the flavor, a whole different experience.

I got the feeling of a cozy fireplace, a cup of cocoa, and a blanket. It is really soothing and calming. It's a great fall drink. I would serve Cocoa Mint Chill at a Christmas party for sure!



This tea is named perfectly. It is truly a nutty-flavored ride. You can smell and taste each layer. A hint of fruit, lots of nuts, and a slightly spicy finish. I had it hot and cold with agave in the cold and sweet cream in the hot. Both were great experiences. This is a great fall tea. I would drink it on a cold night or serve it at a winter dinner or Christmas party. Nutty Almond Cream should be served on the list of all things tea.



I have never been to Palm Beach, however, these teas' flavors give me a sense of it for sure. The boldness of the fruit and citrus is super refreshing. Upon smelling it, I decided to make iced tea. It seemed appropriate. I was right and not disappointed. I could keep this in the fridge all summer long. I would serve it for friends- and even would make a cocktail with a nice rum for punch. Palm Beach Punch is a great fruity tea for all types of tea lovers.



I have a keen sense of taste and some flavors of fruit, I can taste flavoring. It tastes so artificial, that I will only eat the real thing. Peach is one of those fruits. I just can't take the fakeness. This tea was a great surprise. Well, one, it is real fruit, so there is nothing fake about it. The addition of other complementary fruit made it a little tropical with a touch of spicey. It makes for a great winter tea for yourself or serving to friends or a summer punch for parties and cocktails. Ginger Sweet Peach is a wonderful tea for your year-round spicy tea stash.


I saved my favorite for last!! Now, keeping in mind I am a super blueberry tea fan, I found Blueberry Wild Child to be my favorite of all blueberry tea. It takes it to another level with a robust flavor. That is hard to accomplish with blueberry since it is a more mellow flavor. With the blend of hibiscus, it brings out the blueberry flavor more. All in ingredients chosen for this tea bring out the best in the others and make for a great taste and the bonus of having lost of antioxidants.


I had it hot and cold trying different things. It was great in every scenario. I will keep this in my stash from here on out. Whether by myself or serving it to friends, Blueberry Wild Child is great year-round tea to have.


The pluses about this tea company:

  • The tea is super fragrant and bold flavored with lots of layers

  • The price matches the value

  • Most are caffeine-free, yet you feel great energy

  • The selection of tea will satisfy any tea lover

  • The directions on the packaging give you instructions for hot and iced tea

I can't say anything but great things about Tiesta Tea. It is one of the boldest fruit teas I have come across. That is a plus for me, being a chef and herbalist. Their tea has complex flavor layers and you can taste them separately. That is my kind of tea.

Thank you, Tiesta Tea for giving me the opportunity to taste and review your tea. It has been a pleasure and you have made a customer in me. Keep doing great business and making great tea!


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