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Being a Witch is not about being bad.  It is about accepting your TRUE self.  It's living in a way where you are the best version of yourself.  Not to spite others.  But,  in spite of others.

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The biggest thing to get through when you decide on the craft lifestyle is where to start.  What should you buy?  Where should you get it from?  

A Little Witchy Review- Cusa Tea

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Loving learning, tasting, and meeting great companies with great products.

This is one.

Cusa Tea is one of the only companies I have seen that offer you a free sample right on the site.

That is confidence in your product!

NO SHIPPING!!! When I ordered mine, it came quickly and nicely packaged. This is a generous sample pack!!!

I am a loose tea kinda girl, however, I am game to try anything. So, I have an open mind! I'm going in.


I have been pleasantly surprised at this instant tea. I will have to call this :


If you prefer instant...this is a great brand for you. Even if it is not your normal, this brand is a great one to try and stretch your comfort zone. You will be delighted you did. I had three flavors to stand out for me.



Full disclosure...... I'm a citrus person.... So, you had me at lemon balm!!! This is just nice and mellow. Definitely want to drink this close to bedtime. The chamomile is very relaxing. So convenient when you don't feel like steeping and want a quick tea to help you sleep. I am pleased with having such a strong chamomile tea in an instant!!



I am still a little new to describing the actual tastes. You, tea Gods, will have to forgive my lack of language. What my expertise is my pallet... being a chef and a kitchen witch for years. I love unique, complex flavors. I know and study herbs. I describe things on how they make me feel.

This gave me the feeling of being in the mountains. It has a unique finish. I added a little cream and that made it a hot tube in the mountains overlooking big trees. When a food or drink can put you in a visual place, that says something. Will keep this on hand for myself and guests!!!


So, I saved my favorite for last! Are you ready? Drumroll, please........



So..... This is my FAVORITE!!! The smell alone is amazing. It should be incensed. I love flower essences. This was like drinking a flower garden! Or having a great tea sitting in one! It's a great time!

You can drink it hot or cold. I can see serving this at a luncheon! I would drink this when I want to feel in Goddess's vibration. This is a great tea to make a moon ritual tea. This is the Witchy Tea Pick from this company!!

I don't see any drawbacks to this company !! Here are the perks:

  • They want you to try it and are confident enough to send samples at no charge to you

  • Their website is super user friendly with clear and concise descriptions of the products

  • The powder dissolves clean and has as much flavor as loose tea or ground coffee

  • You can use these for hot or cold drinks

  • The prices are more than reasonable for the quality of the products

  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee


I am so grateful for the opportunity to give my little witchy two cents! Thank you to Cusa Tea for building an outstanding product!