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The biggest thing to get through when you decide on the craft lifestyle is where to start.  What should you buy?  Where should you get it from?  

A Little Witchy Tea Review: Design a Tea

Herbal teas can do so much for the mind, body, and soul.

I discovered my love and respect for tea in my craft as an eclectic witch. I work with so many herbs, it is a natural progression. This is my first review, and I am excited about getting to know tea more.

A little background on me, so that you don't think I am just another person bored at home. I am considered a chef. I have been in the kitchen since I was seven.

You don't need to know my age...just know that it has been a

I have worked in high-end restaurants and have run (and still running) a kitchen where great food gets served.. I take tastes very seriously. My sense of smell and taste palette is extraordinary.

I study and work with herbs daily. I am learning more and am overjoyed that companies are trusting enough to let me show my gift.

These are my personal opinions.... my daughter is testing with me. (she is not a witch...had to say that...heaven forbid people think I will post her opinions as well.

Moving on.....

All my review teas are brewed with my charged moon water. It doesn't effect the taste, just the energy of my intention of good vibes in the water. I test the tea, first, with nothing that I can get a flavor profile. From there, I decide based on that profile, what I add in.

  • Honey

  • Lemon (fresh)

  • Lavender syrup w/vanilla

  • Cinnamon

  • Ginger

  • Mint Leaves (dried or fresh)

  • Milk

  • Creamer (Coldstone- Sweet cream)


What I like about Design a Tea is you can choose your flavors. It does cost five dollars to get your samples. It is worth it to try different kinds. I got at least one of each:

  • black tea

  • green tea

  • oolong

  • rooibios

You are allowed to pick two flavors to add in. This is where my uniqueness comes in. Because I am new to teas, I have no preconceived flavors that everyday tea drinkers do. I go purely on visualizing what it would taste like....just as I would with cooking. So, my flavor designs are bold. Here are my reviews.


Black Tea w/Strawberry Almond

This tea gave me a mellow feel. It is really light and airy. This would be an everyday type tea for me. I may serve it to a friend or client that I am counseling, because it feels calm. The black flavor isn't too overbearing. The strawberry and vanilla were layered just right for me. I like this one a lot!

My daughter (not a witch) wasn't crazy about this one. She liked it better with lavender. She also can take or leave strawberry flavor. So, there's that.

I tried some with honey and lemon and some with fresh made lavender syrup. Both were amazing.


Black Tea w/Chai Blueberry

I LOVE this tea. I am a citrus person normally and that is usually my go-to on tea. However, I am trying new things. So, I did something completely out of character. The blueberry busted out in a pleasant way. It made me feel earthy. I felt citrus would be too overbearing, so I added a touch of my lavender syrup and a splash of milk. The milk just added a layer of creamy I experienced for the first time. A lovely cup of tea.

This is my daughter's favorite (the same daughter that is NOT a witch). I think she is a blueberry flavor type person. We clash on the citrus, so our views will be quite different that way.

This would be a tea I would serve to guests or have at a luncheon.


Oolong Tea w/Black Current Lemon

This tea had a a bitter aftertaste when we tested it naked. It maybe the oolong tea. It is our first time having it. The flavor was barely there. It maybe the wrong pairing. Once we added a little lemon and lavender syrup, it got better. I still wouldn't make this a regular tea for me.


Rooibos w/Amaretto Rum

This one, honestly, neither of us cared for. I actually picked the flavors, so it is nothing against the tea itself. It had a finish that we just didn't like. Maybe, I just like the real alcohol..... lol.

I added honey and lemon and it was a bit better. I could drink it in a pinch. Just not really my cup of tea.

I will try the rooibos with a different flavor next time. This is my first time trying that type, so I don't know if I like it yet.


Green Tea w/Vanilla Ginger

Ok...... so I don't think either of us are green tea drinkers. This is my daughter's (not a witch) direct quote:

"Some are teas...and some are just hot leaf juice"

It's not anything with the tea....we just discovered green tea isn't our thing. We are black tea drinkers. I don't think it mattered on the flavor. We both like bold taste without so much bitter.

Thank you to Design a Tea for sending the samples out quickly with a super cute hand written note on the receipt. The company is classy and the personal touch made them even more attractive.



We had so much fun doing this. My daughter (not a witch) and I never really did "girly" stuff like tea parties...both being a little more tomboy...both daddy's girls. This is building a bond with us we have never had, so I am grateful for the opportunity to grow in life and relationships.

I hope that you enjoy sharing My Little Witchy Life. I have other teas coming in and will continue posting reviews. If you would like us to review your product, please email