A Little Witchy Review: Tea Taze

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It's that time again!! Loving my life learning about and tasting tea! I get to meet wonderful heart center business owners loving what they do. Tea Taze is no exception.

What I love about this company is their respect for all things tea. Their social media platforms show how much they support other tea businesses. It is not a competition for them. It's a family. They LOVE collaboration and doing things to help the community and the world. They have me at that alone!!

I think that people have forgotten the greatness of small businesses. Tea Taze is one that thrives on the small business concept and it is an honor to promote their company in this review.

This company stretched my tea journey. Being new to teas, I tend to gravitate towards fruity tea. The selection from them was more of deeper flavor pattern teas. This is a very earthy tea brand. I liked them all, actually. I am more open to other types of tea now because of this company. I think I am really a tea drinker!!

So, the packaging is great. It is sealed and reclosable. Very nice look. Let's get to some tea!!


This is a bold, deeply earthy flavored with a slightly fruity finish. It is surely an everyday type of tea. So, if you have read any of my reviews, I prefer to talk about how tea makes me feel. I added a little bit of sweet cream in it and it blended well. I got the feeling of being in a cabin in the mountains early morning overlooking the sunrise. Love that feeling and this tea. I am not sure if that is what they were going for, however, the flavor puts me in mind of a pu-erh. So, if you like pu-erh tea, you will love this one. The American Breakfast is a keeper in my tea collection!


Silver Tranquility is perfectly named. I like bold teas normally, however, sometimes we need a lighter feeling. This tea does that in every way. It is very soothing and smooth. I use it for meditation and when I need to clear my head. I put just a touch of agave in it. It gives me the feeling of a yoga session. It is a go-to for relaxation. I would serve it for my life coaching clients in a session.

Tea Taze sent two others: Texas Tea and Gold Sword I cannot go without mentioning. Again, bold flavors that are similar to pu-erh. I don't see then on the site right now for sale. I will update this review when they become available. I truly loved them and am happy to promote them.

The great things about this company:

  • A great company who loves collaboration

  • Healthy teas with great flavors

  • Prices are great for the value you receive

  • You can talk to them directly through social media

I love this tea company. Tea Taze is a class act and a great tea brand. It is clear that they love what they do by the great tea and the way they treat the tea community. Thank you for the opportunity to taste and review your tea. I will keep this tea in my kitchen!

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