A Little Witchy Review: Modest Mix

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

OMG, I love my fucking job!! This is a super fun review because the company LOVES and embraces the use of the word "fuck"! These are my people! Modest Mix is the fucking shit tea brand!! It is my fucking honor and privilege to do this fucking review!! FYI: Ther is absolutely nothing "modest" about this fucking company...lol

I came across Modest Mix on Etsy. Just reading the names of the tea got my fucking attention. I love the vibe. I wrote to the owner and told her how much I fucking love her. Any woman who uses fuck in casual conversation is an automatic bestie for me!!! She wrote back immediately and my love for her grew even more!!! So, without further ado... Let's talk about some tea!

OMG, the packaging!! Modest Mix personalizes the label with your name and some awesome positive words to get you going. That changes your tea experience tremendously!

Then, on the back, you find out what the fuck is in it.


It says....What the fuck is in it on the back! It also gives you the fucking directions!! Now that is fucking staying true to your fucking brand!! This is an empowering brand! Let's begin the review!


The package says it all. I really don't have to add to that. But, I will. That's my fucking job! This is a spicy, minty ride in a cup. You have no choice but to relax with the herbal mix of ingredients. There are so many great things in this tea. Being an herbalist, I knew the care taken to make this Tea by the mix alone. You may not be into Herbs like I am, however, know that the ingredients in this Tea have been researched and strategically put together with true care for the drinkers' health and vitality. You have no worries for a while when you drink this Tea. We all need to chill out sometimes. Chill the Fuck Out is a true go-to for that in my Tea selection.


I don't think that I have ever described a Tea as empowering until now. Again, Modest Tea says it all on the package. Yet, I am still gonna put my two fucking cents in!

This is a gunpowder green tea that has so many flavor layers you can't help but feel like a Bad-ass Babe! This is the tea I drink when I want to get something done and need to stay focused. Once more, from an herbalist perspective, the ingredients are truly intentional and are a daring, delicious mix. Get your Bad-ass Babe on!!


Well, fuck!! They keep taking all the good words. This is my favorite. Not for so much taste, but for what it does.


It tastes great. The purpose of this tea is for your cramps. My daughter and I suffer really bad cramps. My daughters are so bad that for two days she is pretty much useless. She hurts so bad, she can't function. Nothing organic has helped her in the past. This tea got her up the first day, which is always the worst day of your period. For this alone, I am a lifetime customer. Having something holistic to help with cramps is a fucking blessing!! Take care of your female bits! Get The Notorious V.A.G.

The awesome fucking things about this company:

  • The brand is so fucking authentic

  • The packaging is personalized and instructions are user-friendly

  • The prices are great for the value you receive

  • The ingredients have been carefully chosen to give you the desired feeling

I look forward to tasting more tea from Modest Mix. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to honor this phenomenal fucking company!!

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